Frequently Asked Questions


How do adult toys work?
Adult toys provide different sensations depending on their purpose. All will contain an electric or battery powered motor that produces vibrations or sensations.
What is the difference between battery and electric powered adult toys?
Generally, battery powered toys tend to be less powerful than electric powered toys. Electric powered toys tend to be designed with stronger motors which use more power, which means you don't have to worry about electricity running out like batteries do.
Where should toys be stored?
The best place to store a vibrator or toy is in a cool, dry place. Moisture is the number one cause of damage. Avoiding moisture will go a long way towards keeping a vibrator or toy in good working condition. It is also advisable to clean your toy after each use and ensure it is dry when packing it away. For more information on cleaning your toy click here.
What's the Best Sex Toy for a First-time Sex Toy User?
Your first sex toy should be personal and catches your eye. Many popular first sex toys are often vibrators or basic dildos. The rule of the thumb is to start with small sex toys and work your way up to larger sizes. Keep your first sex toy adventures simple and let the fun begin.
What happens if items are out of stock?
What does happen here?

It is unusual for us to be out of stock we update our inventory weekly but if a glitch happens and you order an out of stock item we will immediately refund your money

Why does my new toy have an unusual smell?
The smell is not uncommon, and it doesn't exist with all toys, but for many it does. The smell is caused by the combination of materials used to manufacture your toy. The quickest way to eliminate the smell is to wash your toy with adult toy cleaner or mild soap, and let it air out before you use it.
How do I care for my toy?
It is important to wash or clean your toys after each use, this can be done with mild, unscented hand soap (not antibacterial as it can leave a residue) or for a much more fuss free option you can opt for a sex toy cleaning spray. We have one that you can add to your order to keep it sexy and discreet.

Always follow the specific directions of each toy brand provided and remember not to submerge battery operated toys in water to wash them.

Can I use lubricant with my toys?
Absolutely, and often this enhances your play time. It is however important to ensure you do not use silicon or oil based lubricants on silicone toys – always choose a water or hybrid lubricants and be sure to clean the toy after use. You can add our toy friendly lubricant to your order here
How old do you have to be to buy sex toys?
It is Australian law that you must be 18 years or older to place an order of adult toys. See terms and conditions for more information.

Payment, shipping and refunds

What payment options do you have available?
Nectyr accepts standard credit cards, including American Express, MasterCard, and Visa, PayPal and AfterPay. 

How long will it take to pack and ship my order?
Nectyr aims to have each order packed and shipped within the next business day of receiving the order 

What will it say on my bank statement?
We try to be as discreet as possible at Nectyr, so paying by credit or debit card means what you see on your bank statement will be discreet too. We will show up as NECTYR 

Do you discreetly package my order?
Your privacy is very important to us. All items are sent in a nondescript brown box or shipping satchel so no one will know what treasures are inside.

Can I combine separate orders?
Due to the separate order transactions, we cannot combine orders placed separately.

What if l change my mind?
Please refer to our Returns Policy
What are the delivery costs and options?
All orders over $60 will receive free Australia wide shipping and to keep the secret your order will be delivered in plain packaging by Australia Post.

Orders placed will be dispatched the following business day.

Parcel Post takes 2-4 working days to 95% of the country. Outlying areas may take longer.

What if I have just received my device and it is faulty? Can I track my parcel online?
We stand by the products we sell and not only do we replace faulty items within the warranty period, we pay for postage both ways if a product is faulty.

First, we recommend trying your toy with brand new heavy duty batteries as faulty and flat batteries account for the vast majority of problems.